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What to Expect

You can expect to have a life changing experience when you participate in any of these ministry trips to another country. No matter how much you have taught others or in any way ministered to others here in the United States, it is different in another country.

You can expect to find people who will be eager to learn from you. They will hang on to your words and will watch what you do and even what you wear. They will continue staying to listen until you stop talking. They will want everything that you have to offer. They will spend much time studying what you have said. You will feel humbled by these people as they honor you.

You will also be stretched by differences in culture and way of life. This foreign country is not the United States! Yet, by leaning on the Lord for correct attitudes and His grace, you will enjoy the differences you find and learn from them and from the gracious people to whom you go to minister. Any inconvenience will be well worth the bother as you experience another culture in the Body of Christ.

Finally, you can expect to feel more blessed than even the people to whom you go. You expect that they will get much of what you will give out, but realize contrary to that, you will get more back than you have given out. You will be re-charged and fired up to serve our Lord!

We're looking forward to joining you on this adventure! Together with God we will change a country.

-- Danny and Peggy
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