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Virgin Islands, July 2005

In July, we were in St. Thomas and St. Croix in the Virgin Islands. Our team divided in two and held two simultaneous teacherís conferences and four evangelism. One half of our team, led by Danny Thornton, taught in their strong areas on St. Croix Monday through Wednesday while the other half, led by Peggy Thornton, taught in their strong areas on St. Thomas. Then, each team flew by sea plane to the other island and finished up the week through Saturday.

We were disappointed in that the numbers of participants was much lower than our normal and that we were unable to send out teams to evangelize after we left. However, we were happy with the 45 teachers who were trained and with the 45 who received Christ while we were there.

On St. Croix, our host church was already involved in working in the Projects on a weekly basis. We were able to hold three evangelisms for them in these Projects or government housing areas. In one of those meetings, a fourteen year old girl responded to receive Christ. In her arms, was her baby of ten months. We believe God will help her to raise her child in the things of God.

The Islands are truly beautiful and we enjoyed some good relaxation time. However, we would have traded all of that just to have more eager-to-learn teachers and more to receive Christ. Who knows, though, but that God will greatly use those who were taught in the days ahead? Let it be so, Lord Jesus.

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