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US Ministry

We are available for Preaching in US churches to share our ministry AND/OR to preach the Word. We come to your church on an offering basis.

We would be happy to do training for your Children’s Teachers, with the same effective teaching done in other countries. Generally, we could have a Fri PM (7-9pm) and Sat Day Schedule (9am-3pm) OR just a Sat Day Schedule (9am-4 or 5pm). We would like to have other local churches invited at the same time, so that we would have many to attend. We also can do all these teachings in Spanish, if desired.

We can also Host your Missions Trip. We have hosted probably 30 churches on trips. We mainly have gone to Saltillo, MEXICO where we have lived for four years from 1990-1994. Saltillo is surrounding by mountains, three hours south of the border crossing at Laredo, TX. It is a mile high and has a wonderful climate. The need there is still great and provides an assortment of great activities. We could:

1.) Preach in the city of 500,000
2.) Preach in a great number of villages surrounding Saltillo
3.) Evangelize on the street
4.) Evangelize in poor shack house colonias
5.) Visit orphanages
6.) Camping in the desert
7.) Visit beautiful caverns and canyons
8.) Shop in the local crafts market

We are available also for other locations in various countries.
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