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Testimonials about the Thorntons

"Few people that I know share the level of commitment and sincere dedication to the mission field as this couple has consistently demonstrated. Their dedication to excellence and their great willingness to serve others make them an excellent investment for the Kingdom of God."----- Mike D. (Pastor)

Testimonials about the National Children's Teachers Conferences Outside the U.S.

"I would whole heartedly recommend this mission trip to you. It was the most rewarding time I have ever spent teaching. The students were like sponges soaking up every tidbit of information. Their enthusiasm even rubbed off on me. They came desiring instruction, tools, skills and varied methods of sharing the gospel with their nation. When the teachers we taught returned home, they began teaching others what they had learned. They had the heart to reach their nation, but needed the tools. This conference provides resources, methods and skills to meet that need.

The Lord has given Danny a plan that is simple and yet very effective. I am thankful the Lord has called me along side this couple who have a heart to reach nations for Jesus Christ. We need people who catch this vision to join with us to see the work completed. You will be blessed beyond your imagination."----- Martha M.

"It is a pleasure to recommend going with the Thorntons. Danny goes ahead and plans thoroughly all the facilities. Together they are organized in what will be done each day. Danny & Peggy have such a heart for the people they are teaching as well as the people that will be ministered to. Knowing that God has spoken to Danny & Peggy about where to go gave us comfort to know we do not have to fear but to trust in Gods faithfulness to the country He has called us to go into.

It is an opportunity that will be life changing. It changes our view of the world when we see past our boarders and into another country. Also the time spent with the other team members is great as we work together to equip the saints. Sometimes there are challenges that we have to pray through personally as well as together with the whole team but stretching is good."----- Joyce B.

Testimonials about the Children's Teachers Seminars by the Thorntons in the U.S.

"I have never attended a more beneficial seminar! We received so many good ideas and our children's workers gained a renewed excitement for their ministry."----- Cheryl L. (Pastor's Wife)

"I have used quite a few of their ideas in Children's Church. I would love to attend another of their workshops."----- M.L. (Children's Church Teacher)

"The Children's Seminar was very exciting, uplifting and encouraging! It was very motivating, even for someone not in children's ministry."----- C.J. (Worship Leader)

"They did a wonderful job and several teachers commented on how helpful and informative the sessions were. I also appreciated how much Scripture they used and actually told the Bible stories to help our teachers get a better feel for doing their Sunday School lessons."----- Sandy H. (Director of Children's Ministry)
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