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Teaching Resources

Over the years, we have created or been given various informational sheets with helpful advice on teaching methods and other topics, and we'd like to share them with you. As we come across more of these resources, we'll add them to this page.

Simply click on a link below to go to that topic:

Teaching Notes
Class Schedule - Planning your class
Discipline - Principles for classroom discipline
Holy Spirit - Good, practical visuals
Responsibilities of a Teacher - Basic principles
10 Commandments - Visual memorization
Praise and Worship - Basic principles
Preparing for the Sabbath - Principles of classroom preparation
Leading a Child to Christ - Child evangelism
Creativity - Teaching tips

Albert the Rat - Good visual teaching
Big Jim - Good salvation story
Freddy the Fly - Great Commission story
Little Monkey - Obedience story

Granny - Character teaching kids
Heart Skit - Mime for salvation
Principles of Drama - Tips and ideas

Object Lessons
Chemical Object Lessons - Chemicals teaching salvation
Three Ropes - God's love to all

Inventory - List of ideas
Vendor contacts - Internet locations
Revitalize Our Class - For better classes

Sample Schedule
Conference and School (Teaching) - For our conferences
Conference and School (Dates) - For our conferences

Bible Club Instructions - Setting up Bible clubs
Follow-Up Classes - Eight discipleship lessons

Leadership Helps
Five Things Teaching - Sample class
My Confession - Verbal prayer
Discipline in the Home - Advice for parents
Provoke Not Your Children - Advice for parents
Starting a Ministry - Good advice
What Will You Do with the 250? - Practical for pastors

Great Commission - Missions Scripture references
Statement of Faith - What we believe
Why Teach Children? - Biblical mandate

How to Pray for Missions - Practical ideas
10 Reasons - Scriptural basis for missions

Mission Trips
Mexico Instructions - Advice for groups to Mexico
Mexico Schedule - Sample trip schedule
13 Commandments - Useful suggestions
Forms - Trip forms

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