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Suriname, August 2003

--160 Teachers
--23 Teams
--95 Evangelisms
--5,160 Heard Gospel
--2,107 Salvations

When arriving in the capital of Paramaribo, we looked for who would be the best coordinator. We found a great leader and children's worker in Gloria Lie Kwie Sjoe, founder of the ministry 'Feed My Lambs.' She was so helpful and brought many organizations together. This Dutch speaking country was quite a different culture, from our normal Spanish-speaking countries. Actually the "3 Guianas" (Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana) are normally looked on as actually Caribbean countries and "not" Latin countries. There are many Indians (from India), black (from earlier slave trade) and Dutch from Holland.

I had decided, because of their smaller size country that we would actually split our normally larger Conference & School into close to half the normal quantity. In doing this we would spend one week in Suriname and then travel over for one week in French Guiana making our second Conference & School from the same trip away from the US.

We succeeded and while there the teachers were hungry to learn and we had a larger than expected results in Suriname.

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