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Prayer Needs

This is a highly important area to our ministry. Please stand with us in warfare prayer as we try to stay on the "cutting edge" of missions. We very much need your intercessory prayer for us.

1.) Hearing God for which Country is Next
Pray for me to Hear God's Perfect Will for us. I prefer hearing a specific 'rhema' from God about where to minister. Even though God may work with meeting someone and them asking us to come to their country, generally we find ALL those that we meet will say, "Come to our Country". I also rely on if God would have two or more promptings or situations that arise to prompt me to go to a specific Country. Pray that I will hear God in this.

2.) Raising the Finances for the Conferences
Sad to say, this occupies most of my time. I am always trying to improve my communication skills in this area. I visit with Pastors, call Pastors, speak in churches, make CD PowerPoint Presentations, go to Missions Conferences, do Banquets and expand myself to contact new people.

3.) Finding the Correct Teachers to Go with Us
We want quality Children's Teachers to go with us. I am always looking for new people to join us, either for a one-time Conference or for those to get the burden and go with us for most every Conference.

4.) Keeping Quality and Anointed Teaching when We Minister
We never want to drop the ball here in this area. We need God's Power and Creativity to overcome us as we Minister.

Quote---"I am not here merely to enjoy the good life. I am here as a child and a servant of God to invest my time, my talent, and my treasure to seek and to save the lost. This is what our Lord came to do nearly 2000 years ago, and what He commanded His followers to do generation after generation until His blessed return." ---Bill Bright
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