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Panama, February 2003

--250 Teachers
--34 Teams
--262 Evangelisms
--15,906 Heard Gospel
--8,730 Salvations

We were very excited about PANAMA. With denominational leaders sending their teachers the Conference/School went well. While last minute instructions was given to the teams, I stated that I did not want just general prayers for salvations OR children responding because others were. I am fearful of God to make sure that each and every decision to follow Christ is real and genuine. I would not want any to make a decision that was not a life changing event to each and everyone. Through moving dramas that God has given us and through His mercy, we pray that all had genuine repentance, confession and belief in Christ.

It is so exciting that there is a multiplication of our work. The Lord has taught us a few good things that work and we teach the national teachers. They then turn and do the same teaching in front of children, youth and adults, and they respond to Christ. It originates in Him and then returns to Him. Anyway you look at it, it is quite amazing what God does.

Six months after this Conference I received a great letter from our coordinator from Panama. She told me that the teachers we trained are still at it. And that from reports that she has received she thinks that another 8,700 has received Christ around their country, the same quantity of those receiving Christ during their one week of Evangelisms, right after our teaching. The teachers are doing a great work there. PTL!

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