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Dr. Edwin and Joyce Brockway bio:
Edwin B. Brockway and his wife Joyce have been married since May 1965. They have three grown children, Jason Brockway, M.D. who is in family practice in Kilgore, Texas with his wife Deborah and their four children, Nathan, Andrew, Sharon, and Luke. Jeremy Brockway is their second son; he works as a computer draftsman for a metal building company in Tyler, Texas. Their third child, Jennette Brockway is a teacher of visually impaired children and lives in Mt. Pleasant, Texas.

Dr. Brockway received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Kansas State University in 1971. He served in the U.S. Army as a Captain in the Veterinary Corps during the Vietnam War. He was stationed in Alameda Naval Air Station in Alameda, California and the Presidio Army Base in San Francisco, California. After military duty he spent five years in private veterinary practice in Lawrence, Kansas, before answering the call of God in his life by attending Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas from 1978 to 1980. He has been ordained in the ministry since graduating from Christ for the Nations Institute in 1980. He and his wife and children spent three years in the Tribal Homeland of Transkei in the Republic of South Africa from 1982 to 1985. Dr. Brockway was employed as a state veterinarian for the state of Transkei. He and Joyce started a church in their home while they were in Africa. They ministered to many people who would come and go from their house church.

When they returned to the United States from South Africa, Dr. Brockway purchased a veterinary hospital in Hughes Springs, Texas where he has been in practice since 1986. Dr. Brockway has been with Church on the Rock; Daingerfield from it's beginning. He and Pastor Randy Seybert served as co-pastors when the church first began. Pastor Randy Seybert assumed the role of senior pastor after short time, and Dr. Brockway has served as Associate Pastor and member of the board of Elders since then. He ministers with the praise team in leading worship and with solo music, and teaching and preaching.

Joyce has served as Sunday school teacher, children's leader, and organizer of Christmas programs; and in many other ways in the early years of the church, and has spent the past few years as volunteer church secretary. Since she has become so involved in missions she is happy to be replaced by a permanent church secretary.

Joyce and Dr. Brockway have been involved in short term missions for the past few years. They have been to Nicaragua, Venezuela, Panama, French Guiana, Suriname, Paraguay, and Ecuador with Danny and Peggy Thornton of and Beyond Ourselves Ministry, to assist in equipping children's teachers to minister to the children of their nations. Joyce has been making "Muppet" style puppets since 1980 and has sent puppets for ministry to children, to nations all around the world with various missionaries. This current ministry involves teaching national workers to make puppets, and equipping children's teachers with puppets to use for reaching thousands of children for Christ in developing nations. Dr. Ed assists Joyce in this ministry and also ministers in music and the ministry of helps and teaching during the mission trips.

Lonnie and Brenda Bull bio:
Lonnie and Brenda Bull, founders of Barnabas International. Lonnie and Brenda have been married for 40 years and have three married children and ten grandchildren, who all serve the Lord. Together they conduct short-term Bible schools for Pastors and leaders in different countries. They have been active in missions for over 15 years and have spent the last five years focused on teaching national church leadership. Lonnie is the Director of From Glory to Glory and also serves on the Board of Freedom World Outreach. Lonnie and Brenda also serve as Care Pastors in their local church.

Wincie Caskey bio:
Wincie has had a heart for missions since she was a young girl. She is an artist, graphic design artist and teaches art classes. Now that her children are grown, her husband, Carl, has blessed her by giving his blessings for her to go to the lands she dreamed of visiting. Wincie fills in wherever she is needed, helping with computer work, registration, putting the teams together for the outreaches and skits. Her main mission is to pray and intercede for the team. Wincie also teaches a session on "Worship and Ministering to Jesus." She knows it is important to spend time with Jesus Christ and have your heart right with Him before you can minister to others. Her heart's desire is to live and move and have her being in Christ Jesus and to be an example of God's love to the students. Wincie feels honored and blessed to be a part of the "Beyond Ourselves" team and to see what God is doing through this ministry.

Beverly Davis bio:
I was saved at a very young age of 7. While my children were young I taught Sunday school, Vacation Bible school and Children's Church for many years. In our home church I worked in the "Women's Missionary Council". My heart was to work for the Lord any way I could. This call to minister has led me to many different places of ministry. Belize, Mexico and Brazil. 1997 my husband and I formed "Doulos Foundation" to help indigenous Pastors and missionary.

I have worked with my husband while he was as associate Pastor and Pastor. We evangelized for 15 years or more. My husband and I also sing together as well as work together in the ministry.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Theology. I love to teach and share the Love of Jesus. We have found in Danny and Peggy Thornton that same heart of love and passion for children and the lost at any age.

My husband and I make our home in Kerrville, Texas where we are retired.

Donald Davis bio:
Attended church from an early age until I went into the Air Force. I received a call to preach in 1977 and worked in the church I grew up in as a Youth Pastor, Sunday School teacher and Superintendent. Started a singing group called "Voices of Praise". My wife and I sing and ministry together, teaching Spiritual Gifts and their Operation. I have served as Associate Pastor, Pastor and have Evangelized. I started doing missionary outreaches while I was an Associate Pastor at Church of the Hills. That is when I first meet Danny and Peggy Thornton, while they were living in Mexico.

God's call has led me to join with Danny and Peggy in one common goal; to reach the lost for Christ. My wife and I make our home in Kerrville, Texas.

Char Hoeks Bio:
Because I received Jesus when I was 7 years old, I know that young children are open and ready for the gospel. Over the last 35 years, I have been in many different aspects of children's ministry. Sometimes joined by my husband and any number of my 4 sons. I have taught Sunday School, directed Vacation Bible School, written and directed Christmas pageants, and written and taught Back Yard Bible Class. As a children's pastor for 12 years, I mentored and trained teens and adults to minister to children in worship, drama, mime, object lessons, costume characters, and puppetry. My puppet teams have won many awards, including gold medals in son and skit competitions.

Today, my passion is to train others to reach children. I am honored to have the opportunity through Beyond Ourselves to help equip children's workers in places where no other training is available. Puppetry is my main area of teaching, covering techniques, staging, and skit writing. Through these, doors are opened, bringing hope and enabling people to reach the children of their country. I am Thankful to be part of building foundations for the future of nations.

Martha McDonald Bio:
Growing up in Texas, I came to know the Lord as my Savior at the age of seven. Throughout my teenage years, I worked in my church in many areas of service. I received God's call on my life at the age of twelve while listening to a young lady missionary to Kenya. I knew one day God would be sending me to places I'd never been, sharing with people I'd never met about the Love of Jesus they'd never known. Over the last 35 years I've worked in various children's programs including teaching in a private Christian school.

After my husband passed away in 1997, I joined a group of ladies whose focus was child evangelism. Together we traveled to the Philippines, Mindoro, Mexico, Fiji, Portugal and Tortola, British Islands sharing the Gospel through the traditional art of clowning. This art form is very effective. The clown's colorful costumes and joviality capture the children's attention while the skits, object lessons and visuals presenting the Gospel lead them to the Lord.

The earlier mission trips joined my passions for clowning and international child evangelism. This joint passion grew into the formation of "Pockets of Joy Outreach, Inc.," a not for profit organization dedicated to the evangelism of children all over the world. God opened the door in 2001 for "Pockets of Joy Outreach" to partner with Beyond Ourselves at their first national conference in Nicaragua. This partnership led to teaching teachers how to share the Gospel using clowning as an effective tool. I'm continually amazed at God's use of clowns in presenting the Gospel.

Currently, I live in Germany with my daughter and her family. When not ministering with Beyond Ourselves and "Pockets of Joy Outreach," I greatly enjoy the role of "Oma" (German for Granny) to my grandson, Tristan.

Judy Mills Bio:
I am "Joy the Clown", ie. Judy Mills. I guess you could say I am a clown evangelist. I am an ordained minister and a professional clown. Having received Jesus at my Savior at the age of ten, I recognize the importance of reaching children with the gospel. I have worked with either children's church or youth for over 35 years. The last seven of those years I have had the privilege of working with "Pockets" the clown. We have a non profit organization called "Pockets of Joy Outreach" or "PoJo" for short.

The Bible says that the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord. I have been blessed to get to take my steps in clown shoes these last seven years.. Those steps have taken us on many foreign and state side mission outreaches. We carry the gospel to the lost through clown programs in churches, prisons, schools, nursing homes, and parks. We work restaurants, birthday parties, company parties, and library programs to bring in money to fund our mission trips, many with Beyond Ourselves. On these trips we teach how to use clowning to reach the lost. I also teach object lessons, visuals and illusions. We provide the necessary make-up and costuming for 65 to 99 clowns on each trip. I love clowning, but I love reaching the lost even more. The red nose runs in our family. My husband Charles, two daughters, and two son-in-laws are clowns too. My third daughter and husband help our ministry in other ways. I no longer have very much time to help my husband in his electrical business. But he is a very important part of my life and PoJo. He has not had the privilege of actually getting to make a foreign mission trip with us but it is his desire for the future. We have worked with many groups in the past but can honestly say Beyond Ourselves is one of the most fruitful organizations we have had the honor of being part of.

Patty Roehr bio:
Patty is from Denver, Colorado, where she is the wife of Keith Roehr and the mother of four children. Sixteen years ago, she became convinced that God had a better plan for education than what was available, and she embarked upon an educational adventure that continues today. Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Patty and a friend developed a children's unit study method called "Living Stones", which teaches Biblical principles through memorization, object lessons, visuals, projects, and service opportunities. This became the stepping stone to her ministry, "What Our Hands Have Handled." She has taught teachers in Central America, South America, and the United States, and ministered in Africa, Scotland, and Ireland. Joining the team of Beyond Ourselves in 2003, her greatest desire is to impart a vision into pastors and teachers for teaching God's Word more effectively with visuals and object lessons, so that the Bible becomes alive and relevant to our societies as God intended.

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