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Our Sending Church

Longview Christian Fellowship
2011 West Marshall
Longview, TX 75604
Pastor Bob Cammack

Longview Christian Fellowship is an Independent, Interdenominational Church.
We began attending LCF in September, 1980.
We were sent out as Missionaries from LCF in September, 1990.
Two of our sons attend LCF.
We have a very, strong relationship of love with LCF.

Our Attending Church

Rose Heights Church
1500 West Hawkins Parkway
Longview, TX 75605
Pastor Lynn Hildreth

Rose Heights Church is a Church of God (Cleveland, TN) Church
We have been attending Rose Heights since March, 2000.
We love Pastor Lynn and his Vision.
From this connection with Rose Heights, I became a Missionary Evangelist with Church of God. This has helped us very much as when we seek God for what country to go to, we always have an avenue of entrance into any country, because Church of God has churches there.

I am listed on the Church of God Web Page at:

My Project Number with Church of God is:

Project # 065-0220
Church of God World Missions
P.O. Box 8016
Cleveland, TN 37320

Other Longview Churches

We have very good relations with other churches in our city.
They, too, are our friends and they help and encourage us.

LifeBridge Church
Pastor Tom McDaniels

Longview Metro
Pastor Rob Parsons

Church at Grace Creek
Pastor David Benson

Other Churches Outside of Longview

Of course, we have other churches who are very much behind us and our deep friends. Without this base from all the churches, we could NOT be doing what we are doing. We thank everyone for their kindness towards us in prayers and support.

Quote---"I am not here merely to enjoy the good life. I am here as a child and a servant of God to invest my time, my talent, and my treasure to seek and to save the lost. This is what our Lord came to do nearly 2000 years ago, and what He commanded His followers to do generation after generation until His blessed return." ---Bill Bright
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