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Honduras, November 2002

--300 Teachers
--1 Team
--10 Evangelisms
--504 Heard Gospel
--242 Salvations

The planning of Honduras began in the Spring of 2002. As we were working on the Conference, we thought that to include Evangelism might be too much to do, so that portion actually was not planned. In between that Spring planning and this Honduras Conference we were overwhelmed with the Venezuela Conference, as the success was so great and so new to us. We were beside ourselves and were overwhelmed with joy. Venezuela had brought 16,000 salvations with their Evangelism Teams.

I re-approached Honduras to change their plans to include the Evangelism Teams. It was too late, the plans had already been made. The people did not have extra time planned to stay on for Evangelism Teams. We decided that only possibility was that during the Training we could ask who had the extra time available, and send them out on Teams. We went ahead with the existing plans, and we had only six people who had free time available to continue. They did a week of Evangelism in one Team, and to our dismay also, this small Team of six had 242 Salvations.

To our joy this coming November, 2005 we have planned a return to San Pedro Sula, HONDURAS, this time planning Evangelism Teams throughout the country. Lord, help us train well and help the Teachers to go our and give the Gospel to as many of Honduras a s possible. Lord, give us the country of Honduras for our inheritance (Psalms 2:8a).

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