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El Salvador, November 2006

--183 Teachers
--38 Teams
--238 Evangelisms
--14,092 Heard the Gospel
--5,284 Prayed to Receive Christ
--107 New Believers Classes were started

The overseer's wife, Hermana Selsa, gave a tearful testimony that she had prayed for sixteen years for someone to come help train their children's teachers. She stated that no one normally wanted to work with their children because not knowing what to do with them resulted in just fighting with the children. When Danny came two years ago to plan this conference, it was to her a miracle!

Many of the Team Leaders were very excited and couldn’t stop smiling. They are eager to return and continue their work. However, some had trouble due to church members not wanting to change from the traditional to evangelize. Some adults were opposed to clowns and other new methods while others embraced the new.

One team was invited to have their program done in a childcare facility for children whose parents work in the market area. They were very pleased with the program and invited them to return to three other childcare facilities in the next few weeks.

One Team said that they normally minister around their church every Wednesday. However, it has been very hard to get helpers and to know what to do with the children. This week things were different. The children and workers were excited and eager to see what will come next. One mother even testified that already her child is cleaning up at home and getting ready for the next program. The mother asked them what was different. The kids came expecting the normal and were surprised to see the difference. The children’s ministry team has even got so excited to buy red shirts for all the workers and will buy yellow shirts for the kids. Simply put, they are motivated to go beyond the normal.

There were testimonies of God’s provision. One leader in particular was concerned about the use of electricity and a sound system. He was pleasantly surprised at the provision of the Lord for these things. Another cited how a storekeeper supplied them with free electricity and even cookies for the children when their supplies ran low.

Two young men stated how no teams went to the eastern part of the country. However, these two young men said, “No one went to the east. So, we are going to go there next!” God makes for good, things that don’t work out well.

Churches seemed more eager than other countries to see follow up classes happen. One pastor is implementing new believers’ classes for three months. He has plans to check on the progress in three weeks and revise if necessary. We had our highest number of new believer’s classes started at 107.

In all, the team leaders and students were very grateful for the training and the opportunity they had received. Also, the overseer was very much pleased and they are making solid plans for future events by these that we have trained to continue in each of the districts. And, all said that this is only the beginning for children’s ministry here in El Salvador!

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