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Guayaquil, Ecuador, March 2005

--360 Teachers
--58 Teams
--548 Evangelisms
--26,904 Heard Gospel
--15,725 Salvations

The ministry to the coastal area of Ecuador went great! We had a record number of teachers to train who attended from many areas of the coast. We were prepared for 300 teachers which would have been a stretch in itself when to our surprise 360 arrived! Therefore, the entire week was a bit of a challenge as we had to hunt down extra supplies to accommodate sixty extra students!

In spite of some inconvenience, the results were awesome! The students were eager to learn and to apply what they had learned. During the evangelism in the open-air, in which we show them how to do an evangelism program, 69 men, women and children prayed to receive Christ. This included an eighty-eight year old man and several other older adults!

A record number of teams, fifty-eight, left for one week of evangelism all around the coast. When they returned to give us their reports, they were excited and filled with wonderful stories of God's grace and goodness and of a bountiful harvest. In all, 15,725 people prayed to receive Christ and 90 new believer's classes were started in homes!


Don saw one of the students and knew he was to give him $20. When he gave it to the man from the jungle, he was told that his car had front end problems and that $20 was what was needed to fix it. PTL! God knows our needs. This was the same man who heard of the Conference through a radio broadcast that does not reach as far as his area, but it did!

One of the students asked me if I live near Queens, New York. She wanted me to contact her husband who had left five years ago and was living in Queens. She wants him to know the Lord.

Another mother, asked me to pray for her ten year old daughter. Their husband and father also left them about five years ago. The daughter has said she feels like killing herself because she misses her "poppy!" Oh, the horrible consequences of the selfish actions of a parent!

I prayed with a young pastor's wife whose two year old daughter has some kind of progressive debilitating syndrome. This young mother has an excellent spirit but is trying to understand the whys and what next? Still, she remains faithful to the Lord as she serves Him, reaches out to children, seeks to learn more in ministering to them and also serves her husband and church meanwhile trying to meet the special needs of her child! Thank you God for your grace!

Due to unexpected numbers at this school, not all were able to receive their first option of clown, puppet or mime. One lady desired to be clown. However, she was sent down to mime because their were insufficient materials for clown. When she entered mime, she found there was also a shortage there. (Due to coming in to class late, she missed the part about receiving the mime supplies the next day for those who were without any.)

I saw her sitting and weeping and grieving and went to talk to her. She explained that she had sacrificed to come to the school having to take time off from her job and now that there were no supplies. I told her we would make it right for her and asked her forgiveness. She then cried more and asked my forgiveness. I gave her our of my own personal mime make-up and all were satisfied. It is very hard to meet all the needs, but our God is sufficient!

Eighty-six year old Rafael was standing on the sidewalk as well over 150 clowns, mimes and puppets paraded by him. He stopped a group of us and asked what was happening. After talking with him a few minutes, a small group of students took him the two blocks back to the church. With the aide of Don and Beverly Davis, they led him through the sinner's prayer, visited extensively with him and helped answer his questions. Rafael had been a priest's helper for many years but had known there was more to being a Christian than that. With joy shall you draw water. He was excited to have finally found the answer, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

One student came bringing her retarded daughter of about eighteen years and asking if the daughter could stay and eat with her. Of course, we gave the O.K. All week this mother faithfully came to class and participated and with her came this daughter. On the special day of the national day for women, we presented to this mother a bouquet of beautiful flowers. When she was called to the front to receive them, she asked for prayer because last July on her birthday, her husband had died. Just when we think our burdens are great, we see others who have greater burdens and who handle them with such grace! This woman and her daughter went out on a team to evangelize together!

During the teaching of our school, we gave an altar call for Salvation. One very sincere four year old boy with the approval of his dad prayed to receive Christ. Also, a thirteen year old girl who was attending with a friend invited Christ into her life. When asked if she had a Bible, she responded by saying she had one but her friends had found it, tore it up and burned it! Needless to say, we gave her a Bible!

Our driver came to us after the first day and said he felt an open sky when he was around us and asked us for prayer. It seems he had an alcoholic problem and wanted to be free from it. Upon close questioning, he revealed he was not a Christian. We prayed with him for salvation and also to be freed from alcoholism. The next day he looked like a different man as he intently listened to the classes with his head poked in the door, asked questions and received much prayer and encouragement. We now pray he will continue to walk with the Lord and will guide his wife and one month old baby in a godly manner!

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