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Highlands, Ecuador, August 2004

--192 Teachers
--30 Teams
--220 Evangelisms
--12,745 Heard Gospel
--5,046 Salvations

We had many hungry Teachers, eager to learn, from throughout the Highlands of Ecuador come in for our Teaching. They had traveled long distances to attend the seven days of Teaching and to participate in the seven days of practice, Team Evangelisms. Some had traveled the 14 hour bus trip from Loja, near the Peru border. Included were some Quichua Indians, along with the majority being Spanish descent.


While praying for which country was to be the next, I had pretty good peace about doing one in Ecuador. I had talked with a missionary friend of mine, who was based in Ecuador, and he gave favorable comments. The need was there, but I wasn't sure if it was the most needy country. I had made a preliminary trip and had met the president of the Church of God Seminary, Dr. David Ramirez. So it all seemed like it was the country. Just before deciding I called Dr. Ramirez another time from the US and he agreed and it was on.

The next day as I traveled the two hour drive to DFW Airport in Dallas, the only problem was I had a little doubt, but had already told everyone that Ecuador was it. We were leaving for our French Guiana Conference. Peggy and I talked for most the trip, saying that it would be better if God would just send me a letter.

We were to change flights in Miami and during this short stop, I needed to run get some other luggage by taxi that I had planned to add to the flight. While quickly walking through the airport to the exit, I saw an Information Booth and pulled in to ask a quick question. I walked up and was the only one there. I asked for a local Miami map. The lady bent down to get it and I looked to my right and standing next to me, to my surprise, was Dr. Ramirez. I said, "What are you doing here?", He said the same and we laughed that just a few hours previously we had talked by phone between Texas and Quito and were now standing next to each other in Miami. God confirmed to me that day through this meeting, that instead of a "letter from God", He just arranged a meeting in Miami.

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