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Santa Cruz, Bolivia, January 2006

--144 Teachers
--25 Teams
--164 Evangelisms
--10,848 Heard Gospel
--6,037 Salvations
--15 New Believers Classes Started

One of the things the leaders shared was that there were many reconciliations and rededications in the churches as well as salvations in the evangelisms. You know, we have been praying that God would do a good work in this time of change for Bolivia. I believe a big part of what He did is to make the churches stronger. For example, one of the team leaders is a pastorís wife. She shared that she had people in her church who did not like her and she had problems with her worship team for the past two years. During this week of evangelism in which she led a team to her own church, reconciliation took place. She was so excited at what God had done. And, her team won over 900 children to Christ!

In another team, a five year old boy who had fallen on his head a week earlier had gone mute. They prayed for him and he started speaking again!

A man had fallen away from the church. However, he came to see the dramas. While watching the cross drama, he began to cry and rededicated his life.

A 12 or 13 year old boy who was an alcoholic received Christ!

One team lost their bag. They prayed and the taxi driver came and returned it to them.

A woman came with visible bruises from being beaten by her husband came and received Christ.

In one church, 18 youth rededicated their lives to God.

Some of the teams had problems with a lot of rain and some with cold. They persevered and did the best they could, citing what a good experience this was.

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