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Trujillo PERU in FEB, 2009

We are Awaiting this Conference

We enjoyed a great Conference in Lima, PERU in Feb, 2008. I knew that because of the size of Peru that we would need to take various trips and cover all of Peru, one region at a time. The Church of God headquarters gave me suggestions for which areas were in need of our Training. I decided to travel up to Trujillo on the coast and continue our Conferences there.

Having connected well with the Assembly of God overseer in Lima, we will have Church of God, Assembly of God and other churches participate in Trujillo. Churches up and down the coast and from the interior mountain areas will send their Teachers down into Trujillo. We are expecting a great turnout and that many Teachers will be Trained in Children's Ministry, and during the week of Evangelism that many children will come to know our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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